Month: June 2017

Yeti In My Spaghetti- Game Review

Where on earth did Summer go?? This British Summer malarky is a bit rubbish- a few days of ridiculous heat and now it’s gone and we’re back to cold, miserable and rainy days!

This isn’t exactly the best when you’ve got toddlers to entertain. There’s only so much puddle jumping you can do with them before they get too cold- or full of cold!

We’ve been lucky though, as we were sent a game to try out- Yeti In My Spaghetti by University Games. This one is for ages 4+ and for 2 or more players, although Violet is only 3 she’s started showing an interest in games like this so I thought we’d give it a go. Since the rain has come back in full force we decided to give it a try.

Yeti In My Spaghetti Game
It’s a fun and easy game to play whereby each player takes it in turns to remove a piece of spaghetti from the bowl carefully, so the yeti sat on top doesn’t fall into the bowl. The winner is the player who has the most spaghetti sticks at the end, or the player who doesn’t let the yeti fall into the bowl if 2 are playing.

I actually Facebook Live’d one of our first games- you can find it on my Facebook page here. Granted Violet might not have the attention span for more than one game at a time and isn’t the best at taking turns, but she absolutely loves it! Billy tried to have a game with us and ended up playing ‘pick up sticks’ so it could be a while before he grasps the rules!

I don’t think you’re supposed to hold the yeti in place Violet!

We’ve had so much fun already with Yeti In My Spaghetti and it’s Violet’s favourite game to play at the moment. Even if the sun comes back out it’ll probably end up being a garden game for us!

The RRP is £19.99 however you can find it on Amazon at the moment for £10.99!*

Mother Hermit xx


We were lucky enough to be sent this game in exchange for this review. All views and opinions are that of my own.
*Price correct at 28/06/2017

Num Noms Crazy Creation Challenge- Series 3 Lunch Box

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you might have seen my previous Num Noms post, Mini Chef Creations in October last year where Violet created some rather wacky courses using the Series 2 Diner and brunch kits! Well this time we were sent the brand new Series 3 Lunch Box set to have a go at the Num Noms Crazy Creation challenge!

Violet sitting with the Num Noms pack
Violet absolutely loves Num Noms and still plays with her series 2 kit (they’re all currently living in her doll house!), so she was pretty excited to receive the new collection and to take part in the #NumNomsCrazyCreation challenge!

Each one has it’s own scent so she loved having a look at each one and trying to figure out which one was which. The pack also included a stamper Num Nom!

Num Noms Line Up

The Num Noms Crazy Creation;

With chef’s hat in place, I asked Violet to pick a few of her favourites so we could come up with a Crazy Creation and get started.

Luckily I already had some things in the kitchen which pretty much matched the ones she had chosen- although her brother wasn’t too happy we used the last banana! Violet chose;

  • Nana Hearts (Banana)
  • Victor Vines (Grape)
  • Wanda Wildberry (Berry)
  • Brooklyn Blue (Berry)
  • Cherry Ann (Cherry)

I think she’s attracted to the bright colours and sweet smells of the fruity ones! This is what she came up with;

Violet's Creation
Basically it’s a banana sandwich, jelly smothered bread, and berry syrup covered banana topped with bright coloured sprinkles! This is what Violet chose to create with the ingredients we had and she loved it! As you can probably tell she was pretty chuffed with herself and it didn’t take her long to eat it, along with the help of her little brother!

Num Noms Crazy Creation Lip Gloss Pack

The other two small packs we received contained different Num Noms with little lip-gloss pots! Violet’s only 3 but she’s starting to show an interest in the world of princesses and dressing up so these made her very happy!

The possible creations with these Num Noms are endless! There are so many different flavours from fruit, sweets, doughnuts and veggies- and we even received a savoury cheesy taco within the mystery pack! It’s a really good way to get your little ones in the kitchen and get their creative juices going- no matter how wacky (or disgusting!) the recipe they create!

Do your little one’s have Num Noms? Why not have a go at the #NumNomsCrazyCreation challenge with them?!

Mother Hermit xx