Mother Hermit

Hi! I’m Vanessa, 27, been with my best friend Gareth since December 2009. We live in the North East and together we have two beautiful children, Violet (January 2014) and Billy (February 2016)

I’ve just returned to part time work having been a stay at home Mam since December 2013 where I left my job as a Complaints Advisor in finance to have my daughter.

I started blogging in April 2016 as a way of being able to rant about my parenting triumphs and fails as well as keeping records of our family milestones and memories. I now blog about a bit of anything and everything from a tantrum my daughter had that day to a fabulous meal out we had or a product review!

I call myself Mother Hermit as I find it difficult to make genuine friends and often find myself feeling a bit lonely but since I’ve joined the blogging community, I’ve found some lovely people to talk to online- so please feel free to say hello! 

I absolutely love doing product reviews and working with others so feel free to contact me at if you’d like to work with me.



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