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Flower Pressing in a Microwave… In a Nappy!

Yeah, you read that right, in a nappy! Last weekend I was looking into pressing some flowers which are really special to me and I wanted to find a way to keep them forever in a memory book. I wanted to find a quick way to do it as the last time I tried it years ago I tried the book method, only to find that when I went back to check on them weeks later I hadn’t put enough paper towel in to absorb the moisture and not only was the book ruined, the flowers were rotten and had to be thrown away 🙁

After some serious googling on the subject I came across some tutorials on flower pressing in a microwave. It looked and sounded pretty simple; Lay the flowers in absorbent kitchen roll, place it inside some paper and then put into the microwave with a heavy (non metallic!) dish on top. I gave it a go but because of the flowers I was attempting to press (mainly Roses) no matter how much paper towel I put around the flowers, it just wasn’t enough to soak up the moisture.

In an angry rage I started rummaging through every cupboard trying to find anything which would absorb the moisture more effectively. This is when I spotted my toddlers pull up nappies for bed times. Bang. That was it! I threw the flowers inside the nappy, put it back into the microwave and put the ceramic dish on top and started again. Amazingly it worked!

It takes a bit of patience and you have to mess around with a few flowers and timings to get the perfect one- I ended up overcooking a Rose which ended up burning and smelling like a jacket potato! I resisted tasting it though. I found the best way to do it was to start by putting them in the microwave for 1 minute and then keep putting them back in for 30 seconds at a time and checking them at the end of every burst. You may need to flip the nappy over once or twice too so the moisture is soaked evenly within the nappy.

I’m totally amazed at how well it worked and i’ll definitely be doing it more often, maybe to craft some handmade cards! Have a go and let me know what you think 🙂

Mother Hermit xx

Getting Messy with Amelia’s Crafty Corner!

Last week the lovely Emma sent me a message to ask if I’d be willing to check out the YouTube channel ‘Amelia’s Crafty Corner’ and try one of the ‘custom makes’ out with my little one. I wasn’t quite sure that my Little V would be able to make anything shown on the channel as it’s aimed at primary school aged children but I thought I’d give it a go!

So yesterday after our Sunday dinner, I sat down with Violet and showed her all of the videos in the custom makes section on the YouTube channel. She loved all of them- sat and watched them all the way through and paid attention to everything Amelia was doing- which I was surprised at because if it’s not Peppa Pig speaking French at the moment she has no interest at all! She particularly liked the video for the St Patricks Day Shamrock, obviously because it involves putting your hands in paint and getting a bit messy! So I promised her that we could have a go after I’d picked her up from nursery the next day.

Hello next day! Bang on 12pm when I walked into the nursery, my very excited two year old came running towards me shouting “Mammy we go home and paint now?!”. She didn’t forget…

As soon as we got home this afternoon the paints were out and Violet was raring to go! Now it’s a bit difficult attempting to explain to an over-excited toddler with paints in front of her that we’re trying to follow what Amelia showed us in the video, so I just followed her lead. Okay so she told me what to do- but I was a good Mammy and did as I was told. Our Shamrocks don’t look as good as Amelia’s but it definitely inspired Violet because as you can see by the pictures, rather than just splashing it all over the paper she did attempt to re-create what she’d seen in the video. Just when did my girl get so clever?!

Once she’d decided that we’d done enough Shamrocks it was onto more colourful paints and some funky rollers and sponges. This lasted around 45 minutes before Violet lost interest- again another surprise because she usually gets a bit bored after 10 minutes!

Obviously I had a  go too…

I absolutely love what Emma and her daughter Amelia have created with the YouTube channel because I’m always looking for different crafts that I can at least attempt with Violet which will keep her occupied and interested for longer than 10 minutes! Violet enjoyed every minute of the painting today and I enjoyed spending the quality time with her doing something she loves. We’ll definitely be using Amelia’s Crafty Corner a lot!

If you fancy a go have a look at the YouTube channel here!