Random Rants

Are you managing okay?

Since I had my baby boy 10 weeks ago, all anyone seems to ask me is ‘Are you managing okay?’  Now I appreciate some of this is genuine care, but […]

For years I have said that I’d love to travel somewhere abroad in winter to visit a Christmas Market. For years I’vd hinted on to G and a couple of […]

The Hermit Life

I guess you could say I chose to be a hermit. I’ve always been a shy and quiet person, I think this comes from my school days because I was […]

How many parents are doing it zombie style this morning?! 😳 I’m lucky really, my kids usually sleep right through and considering the youngest has just turned 6weeks old, that’s […]

No idea what I’m doing here if I’m perfectly honest, but as a mother to two young children, as gorgeous as they are, I need to be able to rant. […]