Alternative Adventure Activities All The Family Can Enjoy

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If one of your New Year resolutions is to get the family fitter this year, adventure activities can help. The key to getting and staying in shape, is to partake in energetic activities which are fun to do; especially when it comes to encouraging the kids to stay active!

If you’re unsure which types of activities you and the family could try out, below you’ll discover some awesome ideas.


If there’s no real adventure activity centres nearby, or you simply want something you can do anywhere, scooters could be a great investment. They’re not too expensive, the kids will love them, and you may even be surprised by how much you enjoy giving them a go too.

Brands such as Skatehut, provide everything you need to get started with this fun activity. The great thing about them is, you can use them anywhere from the back garden to your own street, or even a local park.

Horse riding

Horse riding is a great way to keep fit as it works out practically every muscle in the body. It’s also an excellent activity for the whole family. Regardless of where in the UK you live, there’s sure to be a nearby horse riding centre you can get to. It may even turn into a fun hobby for the kids which they’ll take with them into adult life.

Once you all learn how to ride, you could also head off on horse riding holidays, both throughout the UK and abroad.

Rock climbing

If you really fancy doing something a bit different, why not consider rock climbing? Ok, so we’re not talking taking the kids to climb a mountain, that wouldn’t exactly be very safe! However, there’s some excellent rock climbing facilities in the UK, including indoor centres. They provide lessons for both kids and adults and the activity itself is awesome for fitness.

Rock climbing provides a pretty intense workout for kids, helping to build strength and flexibility. It’s also excellent for mental health and can help to really improve focus.

These are just some of the activities you and your family could sign up to this year. Think about the types of things you and the kids like to do and then see which adventure activities closely match your preferences. If you live by a beach, you could also try surfing. Whatever you choose to do, adventure activities are a fantastic way to keep the family fit this year!

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