Christmas Gift Guide for the New Years Resolutions

New Year. 2017 is nearly here! We probably all know at least one person who set themselves New Years Resolutions- probably the same ones every single year too. Whether it’s to lose weight, join a gym, be more organised, quit smoking; it always happens and a lot of people probably don’t even last until the end of January. I can say this because I’m totally one of them.

So what better way to help someone on their resolution journey than gifting them something which will help them get one step closer to achieving their goal?

Fitbit Flex

This is the perfect gift for those who want to try and lose weight, start a healthier lifestyle or just be a little bit more active each day. I’ve had my eye on these for a long time and have just received one as a gift from my other half for our anniversary- never mind him, I’m totally in love with this!

It’s probably the most basic and cheapest of the Fitbit range but it’s perfect for what I want. It tracks and counts your daily steps, your calories burned and even tracks your sleep, all to an app. You can set it to track your sleep before bed each night and when you wake up in the morning it will show you how well you slept; how many times you were restless, how many times you woke up and how long you were actually asleep. Pretty cool huh?

You can also input your daily exercise, water intake and set your own daily goals- totally personalise it for you.

You can find them in Argos and they’re currently £59.99.*

ECigs and Shisha Pens

Giving up smoking. This is probably still the most popular resolution of all and with all of this change happening with horrible packaging and higher prices, I think this is a certain for a lot of people this year!

Vapelux of London

So the alternative is an Ecig or Shisha Pen. I know a lot of people who have successfully given up cigarettes by using these but I never realised the options available in the Shisha Pen Liquid! From cookies, doughnuts, all sorts of fruit flavours to menthol and tobacco flavoured- the selection is unreal. You can also get each liquid in different strengths of nicotine which I’m guessing depends on how addicted the user is, how much they smoked per day and how long they’ve kicked the habit; starting on the highest strength first and working your way down to nicotine free.

Sounds like the perfect gift for those wanting to kick the habit for good!

Organiser for 2017

I’m obsessed with Busy B stationery and have a planner for everything as I’m a serial list-writer! Even to the point where I’ll write something I’ve already done on a list, just so I can mark it off as done! Sad, I know.

This beauty is Busy B’s Family Diary for 2017 which I have in already and I have to say it’s amazing! If you can’t get yourself and your family organised using this then I don’t know what can help you. It has room for every family member so you can keep track of who’s doing what and when every single day of the year- absolutely perfect for us being a family of two adults, two young children and two dogs.

Busy B don’t just have family diaries though, they have planners to suit absolutely everyone, travel planners, one-page-a-day diaries, calendars; anything you can think of they have it. And who doesn’t love stationery right? Have a look for yourself here.

Alcohol Free

This isn’t one I would probably consider because I’ve got two kids under 3 and hardly get a chance to have any alcohol, but there’s no chance I’d give up the few chances I do get. Nope. Not an option.

However, if you know someone trying to cut back a bit or even kick it all together, what about a recipe book on Mocktails? Maybe you know someone who’s pregnant and craving the taste of their favourite cocktail? This looks like the perfect gift…

When I was pregnant with my second, for the first few weeks after me finding out I was craving the taste of Becks. No idea why because it’s not something I ever drink! Maybe they’d prefer this alcohol free Becks…

Yeah, me either, I’m just here trying to provide some ideas!

Are you a serial New Years Resolutioner? What’s yours for this year?

Mother Hermit xx


This is a collaborative post with Vapelux


*Prices correct at time of writing this post on 5th December 2016.




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