Dear Billy, 6 Months Have Passed…

I honestly cannot believe that I’m sat writing this, my son Billy is now 6 months old exactly. You know when you’re pregnant and people always say things like “Make the most of every second” and “They’ll be teenagers before you know it”, those comments that have you giving them a sneaky eye roll because you’re simply sick of hearing it. Yeah well I now know that they only say it because it’s true! Billy is my second child so I’ve experienced it all before, having a newborn and then what feels like a few weeks later they’re in a walker feeding themselves and blowing raspberries at you (that’s what Billy is doing right now LOL), but this time everything seems to have gone by even quicker!

Billy was a water baby, born in a pool in the Birthing Centre on 20th February 2016. (I’m yet to write a post of my birth experiences but that will be coming soon so i’ll not go into it here) As he was born in the water and gulped quite a bit before the last push, he was very mucusy and spent the first week or so bringing up every single drop of his milk and all of the excess water he had taken from the pool. This sent us into a bit of a worrying phase as we really thought he had reflux. Fortunately though after the first week, maybe week and a half, everything settled down and by 4 weeks old he was having 8oz bottles of formula per feed and only waking once during the night.
By the time we got to around 10/11 weeks we quickly found that the formula just wasn’t enough for my growing boy. His sister was exactly the same at this age. We tried him on 9oz bottles but after 8oz he wouldn’t take any more milk but would still give us his hungry cry. I managed to hang on until around 12/13 weeks and then introduced baby rice twice per day. I was making the usual 8oz bottles but using 1oz to mix with a few scoops of baby rice in a bowl and spoon feeding him that once in the morning and once in the afternoon. This worked a treat and he took to the spoon straight away, and the rice obviously which after two weeks was changed to baby porridge as the rice was no longer enough by this point!

Now his feeding routine is usually something like; An 8oz bottle of formula with a slice of toast and some fruit in the morning, another 8oz at snack, a full pot of savoury food, and full pot of sweet and an 8oz at lunch time, another 8oz at dinner time, another 8oz after his bath with 2 fromage frais and some snacks (fruit & veg sticks, fruit puffs, crisps etc) in between all of this. I couldn’t tell you what he weighs, I haven’t taken him in a while as as you can probably tell, I’m not worried about him in that way at all! I appreciate that people might be reading this thinking I did the whole weaning thing far too early but I knew what was right for my baby- every baby is totally different and what worked for mine won’t necessarily work for another.
Sleeping wise he’s perfect. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m so calm and laid back with the kids that they’ve both been excellent sleepers, or I’m just really lucky. He goes down between 8/9pm and wakes between 7/8am and doesn’t get up at all during the night. Although this might change soon as we’ll be moving him into his own room next week! Quite a scary thought as I love being able to hear him breathing and see him through those little bars on his cot during the night, but it has to be done- I need to be able to put the light on at bedtime!

Development wise he’s getting there. He loves lying on his playgym and rolling around all over the living room floor but isn’t keen on tummy time and pushes himself straight back over. He uses his feet to push himself backwards in some weird launching pattern and actually manages to get quite far- but this is on his back LOL. He loves being in his Jumperoo and if you’re following me on Instagram you’ll have recently seen him practically taking off in it! He’s also just started going in his walker and although we’ve had no movement yet he’s trying his best to get it going! He’s now in his highchair at mealtimes which makes the whole feeding mixed with baby led weaning so much easier and he sat up on his own for the first time while we were at a picnic with my fellow North East Bloggers a few weeks ago!

Billy is such a happy and placid little boy who is always giving you smiles and giggling away at his big sister. Everyone often comments that you forget he’s there because he’s not a pick of bother and never makes a noise unless he’s really hungry or blowing raspberries at you. Or his new one of “Ba ba ba ba ba ba….”. He’s recently started teething properly though which is an absolute nightmare because I hate that I can’t help him with the pain. I’ve started filling his dummies with water and freezing them which seems to be working a treat as he can bite down on the teat which is full of ice! Hopefully he’ll cut his first one soon and the rest will swiftly follow.

So that’s my boy in his first 6 months. A beautiful little boy who is fast building his own cheeky character and developing his own little personality which I am utterly besotted with. The bond he has with his sister already is incredible and I cannot wait to see what happens within the next 6 months!

Mother Hermit xx




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  1. Ahh, so cute. You’re very lucky to have such good sleepers! 🙂 xx


  2. He’s gorgeous! My youngest is just 7 months, so this is all very relatable! #KCACOLS


  3. Billy is adorable. Time really does pass quickly! My little one will be 5 months at the end of this month. Crazy. #KCACOLS #triballove


  4. Wow that has gone crazy quick! Region so many milestones are ready! As you said, every baby is different and the parents always know best, so good for you for doing what you know is right and making that clear 🙂 amazing that he sleeps through the night, apparently I was the same as a baby 🙂 What A gorgeous little man you have on your hands! xxx #TribalLove


  5. Gorgeous little boy! It’s so true time flies, especially with no. 2. 6 months is a lovely age, and they’re developing so fast! Thanks for sharing #KCACOLS


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