How and Why To Teach Kids About Cleaning- Guest Post

This is a guest post from the lovely Sophia Evans. Sophia owns a small cleaning company based in London and in her free time she enjoys writing. This particular article she has written is with regards to teaching our kids about cleaning and why we should.

Over to Sophia…

Sooner or later every parent is confronted with the hard task to teach their children to help around the house. Depending on their age, kids either find the domestic chores amusing or clearly dislike them. In any case, doing chores is beneficial for every toddler, older child or teenager. Cleaning is an important educational activity and therefore, parents should present it to their kids as early as possible. Every child can contribute to house maintenance, even if all they can do is put trash in the bin, so you shouldn’t have any concerns if your son or daughter is at the appropriate age to contribute to a clean home.

Below we will answer two important questions, namely why and how to teach kids about cleaning?


Reason # 1

They learn to be responsible

Doing chores helps kids to accomplish tasks independently and later become reliable grown-ups. Plus, when it is time for your children to start living independently, they will know how to take care of their home without depending on you or other people.

Reason # 2

They acquire valuable skills

Home is the best place to learn new things. It may be sometimes difficult to persuade a child to do their bed or sweep the floor but it is certainly worth it. Cleaning makes you consistent, diligent and appreciative. It is better to learn these things while you are still a child. Teach your kids to clean and later they will be ready to participate in numerous other tasks.

Reason # 3

They learn what is hard work

You don’t help your kids by keeping them away from the family responsibilities. In this way, you contribute to their belief that mom and dad need to take care of the house. As a matter of fact many people don’t like working until they get used to it. As you know, hard work defines success and if you want your children to learn the most valuable lesson in life, go ahead and hand them the vacuum cleaner.

Method # 1

Present cleaning in a positive way

Most children accept cleaning as an unpleasant duty and this is more than normal. Even you sometimes look at it in such a way. Choose a convenient moment and tell your child why you want them to participate in the house cleaning and maintenance. Explain this is not a punishment but family responsibility and everyone should help. Your child needs to be aware of the benefits of living in a clean home. In the beginning they may meet your request with resistance but sooner or later will comprehend your words.

Method #2

Give your kids small cleaning tasks and let them work independently

Distribute easy domestic chores to your little helpers and assign a new task only when they are ready with the first one. This will bring your little helpers a sense of accomplishment. Gradually increase the level of difficulty and observe how your children are doing without being bossy. Even if the job is not done well, praise your kids for their efforts. If you give them too many directions, the children will get discouraged.

Method # 3

Use the always-working tricks

Telling your kids that you will all visit the nearby attraction park is a great way to involve them in the housework. Plus, they will learn that hard work pays off. Depending on their age, you can think of numerous ways to stimulate your child to clean. Even teenagers can be tricked with the right approach. You know your child best and what will work for them.

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