Perfect Family Friendly Glamping at Derwent View

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll have seen my post last year about our first time Glamping at Springhill Farm in Northumberland. We loved glamping so much we decided to give it another go this year- at Derwent View.

We decided to try somewhere else, but as I work every Friday and Saturday it was proving quite difficult to book up anywhere as most sites have a minimum 2 night stay at weekends. Luckily though, I noticed on Facebook that a local site, Derwent View, had some last minute pods available for a Saturday night and quickly sent a message to book up!

Prices for the pods start from just £50.00 per night for bronze up to £150.00 for platinum with a hot tub and they have one pod which is dog friendly. We opted for a gold pod which was £68.00 for the night, as these one’s have a TV/DVD which we thought would be perfect for the kids at bedtime. These pods also have two sofa beds which meant we had loads of room inside during the day and had really comfy beds to sleep on during the night.

This was the full contents of our pod ‘Lizards Lodge’ which sleeps up to a family of 4;

  • 2 Sofa Beds
  • Lights
  • USB Sockets
  • Night Time Heater
  • Dining Table/Chairs
  • Kettle
  • Toaster
  • Fridge
  • Microwave
  • TV/DVD
  • Dustpan & Brush
  • Lockable Door
  • 1 Parking Space
  • Outdoor Picnic Bench
  • Outside Decking
  • Firepit/BBQ

When we arrived we were greeted by one of the owners, Margie, who took our payment and deposit (£30.00 which is returned upon departure once your pod has been inspected) and then showed us around. She showed us to our pod and then the toilet block and explained that they operate a ‘Leave it as you would expect to find it’ policy, which basically means that once you’ve done what you need to do, whether it be the toilet or a shower, make sure you mop up on your way out. That way it’s clean for the next person. This obviously works really well too as the whole building is always spotless! There’s also an outdoor sink for washing up.

Once we were unpacked we decided to have a little walk around as it was a beautiful day. The views over the Derwent Reservoir are absolutely stunning! We headed straight over to see the ducklings Margie had told us about- the kids were in their element being able to run free and spot all of the wildlife!

What we didn’t realise before we booked up, is that they also have a lovely little tearoom on site. As we headed up in a bit of a rush after I’d finished work, we thought the kids could do with some refreshment after all of the running around- and we’d been told that they had an alcohol license for the weekend! You can check in anytime from 2pm but we didn’t want to get there too late as the weather was gorgeous and we were only staying one night.

The next couple of hours were spent munching on toasties and crisps, drinking juice (and booze for me & G!) and getting to know the owners until the kids were so tired out and it was time for their pajamas! Although once they were in their pajamas they were back outside with their coats and shoes on running around exploring which we were happy to let them do as the whole area around the pods is fenced and gated off.

Clearly to G this quiet time meant it was time to get the fire lit. You can purchase the bags of wood and fire starter kits from the owners for £5 each. Keeps the blokes happy!

Whilst G was messing about with the fire, I set the beds up- easiest thing ever too- settled the kids into bed and put a DVD on for them. Within about 20 minutes they were both flat out! We were a bit worried that they wouldn’t settle not being in their own beds but it clearly didn’t bother them. One of the best things of being able to let them explore in the fresh air then!

This meant we had more time to sit round the fire and have a few more ciders before bed- that’s what I call finishing the day off properly! The site also operates a ‘low noise policy’ which means that whilst they’re happy for you to stay around the fire, use the hot tub etc at night, after 10pm they ask that noise is kept to a conversation level. Another reason why it’s perfect for families.

After a full, uninterrupted nights sleep, the kids both woke up at 8am! Check out is 10.30am prompt, so this meant we still had plenty of time to enjoy breakfast on the picnic table we had outside, pack the car up and have another walk around before heading home. Once we were all sorted and I’d given the pod a sweep, Margie inspected it and we we’re given our deposit back before we left.

We enjoyed our stay at Derwent View so much that we’ve already been back this past bank holiday weekend for two nights and enjoyed it even more than our first visit! We’ve even already booked up to go back for G’s birthday in August and we can’t wait!

Have a look for yourself on Facebook, Instagram and their Website.

Mother Hermit xx


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  1. Oh I have always thought about trying glamoing in one of these pods and now this post has convinced me! Derwent looks like a stunning location too.


  2. This place looks amazing and such great value too! I am going glamping next Weekend, can’t wait x


  3. Oh this looks fab. We are looking for somewhere to go in august so will get hubby to take a look at the site!!


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