Brush-Baby for Teething- A Review

Teething. As a parent I can honestly say that having a teething baby is absolute hell. Watching your child scream in pain and not being able to do anything for them is horrible! And the awful things which come with teething like the runs, snotty noses, nappy rash- my two had all of these things.

Billy has been teething since he was around 4 months old and was managing with the dummy in the freezer trick until he hit 6 months. That’s when the real pain hit and I started trying everything from teething gels to teething rings- but nothing seemed to ease the pain for him longer than five minutes.

That’s when the guys at Brush-Baby spotted my pleas for help on social media and offered to send me some bits to try out. Brush-Baby was founded by Dominique Tillen who was inspired by her little girl who used to chew her toothbrush.



The first one we tried out was the My FirstBrush and Teether set. The teether is very simple to put together and after Billy had given it a full inspection it wasn’t long until it was straight in his mouth and he was having a good chew. It seemed to give him a lot relief straight away due to the soft silicone bristles and we didn’t have to use any teething gels which was a first for us. The bristles are designed to help clean the teeth as baby chews which is great as babies aren’t usually that willing to have their teeth brushed! He loves this teether and tends to use it most days. He’s even managed to get four of his teeth through whilst using it and two of those are his two front ones which caused him serious agony!

The FirstBrush is designed so adults can brush little ones teeth. It has a long handle which makes it easier for you to reach the back teeth and gums and has a small head with very delicate bristles to make it comfortable for baby when brushing. We’ve been using the Applemint Teething Toothpaste when brushing which he totally loves- his sister keeps pinching it too so it must be nice! It’s also specially formulated with camomile to help soothe during teething.

We were also sent a Chewable Toothbrush Teether which is ready for him when he hits the next stage as this is suitable for 10-36 months. It’s designed for teething toddlers who refuse to brush their teeth as it cleans their teeth whilst they chew! Clever right?!

Brush-Baby have a range of products designed for three stages; Baby, Toddlers and Children. To find out more, have a look at their website here.


I was sent these products is exchange for this review. All views and opinions and that of my own.


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  1. aah – thank you for such a lovely review from Billy ‘Blue Eyes’ and yourself.

    We’re delighted that this has helped with the teething process and look forward to hearing how he gets on with the Chewable Toothbrush.

    Keep up the good work!


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