Getting Vibrant with 123Flowers- A Review

Last month I was very kindly sent a bouquet from the guys at 123Flowers. Finishing work on a Friday and getting home to a box labelled as ‘Fresh Flowers’ got me all excited!

Before my coat was even off, the box was opened to find a beautifully tied and wrapped, very autumn-looking bouquet of flowers. A mixture of deep red Chrysanthemums and Alstromeria paired with bright red Carnations and finished off with just the right amount of deep green foliage- suiting it’s name of ‘Vibrant Delight’ perfectly.

I have to admit, I’m not really a big fan of the receiving or the sending of delivered flowers, as I’ve always been pretty let down and disappointed in the past. They’re either a very measly size compared to the photo’s shown online or last a few days due to transportation. That’s why I was pretty surprised to see how much of a good size and how fresh a quality the bouquet was.

These are the types of flowers pretty much everyone tends to buy from a supermarket- basically because they look beautiful, are cheap and cheerful and tend to last a long time! This is exactly what we should be getting when ordering online too! You pay at least an extra £20 online, usually because you want to send them to someone who most likely lives quite far away from you, or you just want to make it that bit more special for the receiver. So why then, after paying the extra, should we end up with naff florals which are pretty much bin-ready within a few days?!

Well, if this bouquet I received is anything to go by, I don’t think we need to anymore!

This beautiful bunch arrived perfectly, securely wrapped, with the stems covered in soaked stuffing to stop them drying out. I was lucky enough to also have a cute little glass vase included which you have the option to add when ordering on site. Although you don’t really need to add this as you get a Pop Vase included for free! As with all online florists, you can also choose to add a personalised message within a card- always a nice touch!

The bouquet was actually already arranged beautifully, so all that was required of me was to trim the stalks ever-so-slightly and plump them up in the vase with fresh tepid water and flower food.

One week later they were still looking gorgeous, just the colours on the Alstroemeria had began to fade. This surprised me as I buy these all of the time and I’ve never had to dispose of them until at least three weeks later. At around day 9 I had to remove them from the vase and bin them- however the other blooms were still going strong.

Fast forward to day 17 and I finally had to give in and bid farewell to the rest of the bunch. Day 17- over 2 weeks later!! That’s pretty good going I think- 123Flowers I’m impressed!

The Vibrant Delight bouquet prices start at £22 for a standard size, but if you want something a bit more extravagant you can choose to pay extra to add more stems for a medium or large size. You also have the option to add extras; a vase, a bear, a balloon, some chocolates, wine, Moet (!) or even a birthday cake- so you can totally tailor your delivery depending on the occasion.

You can also choose your delivery date and standard delivery is FREE! Take a look for yourself, this bouquet can be found here.

Mother Hermit xx

I was kindly sent this bouquet for the purpose of this review. All views, opinions and photographs are that of my own
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