Just us Box- Getting Prepared for a Stargazing Date

It’s definitely true in my experience that after having kids date nights with your other half become a thing of the past. By the time it gets to the end of the day we’re both so tired I end up curling up with a glass of wine in front of a good box set and G sits on his PS4- that’s just our way of relaxing! We do try to make time for dates but as we’re so tired our planning doesn’t go very far and we end up sitting in front of the telly and most likely falling asleep. It’s nice when we do get to go out for a date but as our one babysitter is my younger sister we don’t like to ask her loads. So when I came across Just Us Box I had to see what it was all about.

“We are on a mission to help you disconnect from your screens and re-connect with your partner with a monthly date night subscription box so you can spend some quality time together… just us!”


Ok, how amazing does that sound?! So basically you get a ‘date night’ box sent to you monthly which includes everything you need to have the perfect date night with your special someone. And it really does include everything you need. I received the July box with the theme of ‘Let’s Go Stargazing’ which is the perfect date, especially for us busy parents, being able to have a nice date in your own home or back garden once the little ones are (finally!) in bed is just what we need.

The July box contains a large selection of things to make your date amazing- you can see everything in the photo below, hot chocolate with disposable cups, Haribo sweets, a small torch, UV nail polish, a creative pack to make ‘The Kepler Telescope’ and a picnic blanket. It also includes a ‘date plan’, a list of activities, an envelope of ‘Stargazing Challenges’ and a list of conversation starters. You’d think that the conversation starter list would only be useful for first dates and such but to be honest when G and I are alone without the kids these days we tend to really struggle to have any kind of conversation which isn’t about the kids- until we’re a wee bit tipsy that is! There’s even some suggestions of stargazing themed music for you to play whilst having your date.

image1 [937796]

We haven’t actually managed to use our Stargazing box yet as I want to be able to use it properly outside in the garden one night and the weather has been terrible with wind and rain recently so we’re saving it. But I think this is honestly an amazing idea and is totally perfect for me & G as now that we have two kids we’ve lost all sense of making time for ‘Just Us’ and it really is an important thing to do.

So Just Us Box is a monthly subscription and each month you will receive your date night box with a different theme. Each box then contains everything you need to create the perfect date and everything relates to the theme chosen. If you like the sound of it but you’re unsure of whether it’s something you would use every month, head on over to their website where you also have the option of ordering a ‘trial box’. This is exactly what you think, a one off box, which is smaller than a usual monthly one, for you to try out to see whether you like it or not and this costs just £18. I have a code for you to get 10% off at the checkout too which you’ll find below and the August box is ‘Indian Summer’ which you can order up until tomorrow- so get in quick!ESTABLISHED1856You can keep up with the Just Us team on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram– keep an eye out for hints for the themes for the boxes in the coming months!

Mother Hermit xx

Have you tried something like this before? What do you think of it?


I was kindly sent this trial box for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are that of my own.

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  1. Oh that sounds like a really good idea! Not heard of that before – very clever of whoever came up with it! #KCACOLS


  2. I love the look of this. It looks like so much fun, full of original ideas and my husband would love this star gazing one. It is hard to dedicate time to just being a couple isn’t it when there is so much else vying for your time often I just want to slump in the evenings! This box looks like a go-er though. Thanks for the review! #KCACOLS


  3. What a fantastic idea! I love it. It is so difficult to make time as a couple once you have had children, and going out isn’t always an option due to babysitters. Saying you will have a date night at home doesn’t always work either as you just never get round to it. But this is fab. If you have paid for it and it is all there it will make you want to use it! Thank you for sharing #KCACOLS


  4. I love the idea of a date night box. Really good idea and this looks awesome. I hope you guys get to use it soon. #kcacols


  5. This sounds like a nice idea. It can be hard to spend quality time together as parents but yes, I’d need a bigger bag of haribo too!! #KCACOLS


  6. Oh I love this! I’ve been looking at it for a while!ove how you’ve talked about it! Makes me think I should just get one! #kcacols


  7. This sounds interesting. I have not heard of this. I really need date night with my hubby soon.Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. x


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