National Chocolate Cake Day with Num Noms Series 4

Chocolate Cake anyone? Okay, I know it’s January. The excitement of Christmas is over for another year, the ‘New Year, New Me’ resolutions have started, the diets are still being fought and the general ‘beginning of a new year’ blues are still in full swing…

But have no fear- I have good news! Today, the 27th January, is National Chocolate Cake Day! This is the perfect excuse for everyone to eat as much Chocolate cake as possible- obviously. So drop the diet for the day and get baking or buying!

We opted for the baking this year as we were sent some lovely Chocolate Cake making goodies along with a pack of the brand new Series 4 Num Noms!

You may have seen some of our previous posts, Num Noms Mini Chef Creations or Crazy Creations, where Violet has created some wacky creations using some inspiration from her favourite Num Noms. So this time, to join in celebrating National Chocolate Cake Day, we baked some chocolate cakes and Violet went wild decorating them!

This Series 4 pack is super colourful and Violet love’s opening each one and sniffing (they’re scented!) them to see if she can guess which kind they are. She even got a glittery lip gloss and nail polish this time- now she’s 4 this is an absolute must for her!

Obviously every chocolate cake needs ridiculously gooey fudge icing, well according to Violet it does anyway! So that’s where she started. She then decided that the decoration had to be as colourful as possible- just like her favourite Num Nom BDay Sprinkled!

As you can see, she went a bit wild with the decorations and I’m sure you’ll agree that they certainly are as colourful as the Num Noms!

Now, let’s all eat Chocolate Cake!

Mother Hermit xx


*We were kindly sent the Num Noms Series 4 pack and everything to make and decorate our chocolate cakes in return for this blog post*
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  1. Cool, I’m looking for something like this for Lena for her birthday. She loves little collectibles. I’ll have a look at these. Thanks.


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