The Shack Review- American Inspired Food

‘The Shack’ have launched nine meals inspired by the flavours of America which are exclusive to Iceland. I was asked if I’d like to try them out. Silly question really because the other half wouldn’t have forgiven me if I’d said no- which I obviously wouldn’t have done.

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When I agreed to review these meals I was given a delivery date on a Friday. Our first thought was to cook it all up that night and have a huge feast in front of the telly, that way we’d get to try a bit of each. However, once the delivery arrived, we sharp changed our minds as each meal is rather large and there’s no way we would have gotten through the lot of it in one sitting. So we decided to fill the freezer and share them out whenever we were too tired to cook or just too busy.

This was the perfect option as I work lates on Thursday evenings and having a quick and easy meal I can throw in the microwave is ideal. That being said, sometimes a ‘microwave meal’ is the last thing I fancy as I’ve found they can be quite tasteless and rather unappetising. Not in this case though- I’m surprised at just how tasty this range is!

Apologies for the lack of photo’s, I managed to get some of the one’s I tried however G obviously couldn’t wait to eat and when I asked for his photo’s I got a rather blank look!


“Beef burger with smoky bacon, signature BBQ pulled pork and mature cheddar cheese in a brioche bun.”

The Ultimate Burger.

Probably the messiest burger I’ve eaten in a long time- but oh so worth it! There was loads of pulled pork smothered in plenty BBQ sauce and the brioche bun finishes it just right. The only thing I would say is that it could do with another burger or a thicker one as it’s quite difficult to taste it through the BBQ pork. At £2.50 it’s a very reasonable price and filling burger.

IMG_6096 IMG_6098

“Pulled spicy chicken chilli and long grain rice wrapped in a flour tortilla and topped with our house smoky sauce, with garlic and chive dip and chilli salsa.”

Smoky House Pulled Chicken Burrito.

This was definitely on the spicy side. I’m usually quite a weakling with spice but I managed it- it was just right. It was however, absolutely huge and stuffed full- I didn’t manage the full thing but G made quick work of the rest. This one comes with a couple of dips and certainly worth it’s £2.50.


“Chunky chicken, spicy and smoky fajita sauce with flour wraps, with garlic & chive dip and tomato and chilli salsa.”

Chicken Fajita with Dips.

I didn’t get to try the dips with this one as you need to take them out an hour before you have the meal, to allow them to defrost. I hadn’t realised that and wasn’t patient enough to wait! They were gorgeous though and I was surprised just how many chunks of chicken were in the fajita mix. Again it was really filling and I couldn’t manage it all by myself so it’ll make a great sharer. I added some salad and extra cheese to mine but they were lovely just as they come. Full of flavour and not too spicy. This one is £2.50.


“Skin on potato wedges topped with pulled pork in a sweet and smoky BBQ sauce.”

Smokehouse BBQ Pork Wedges.

Unreal. These were absolutely unreal. I was worried that the BBQ sauce might be a bit too rich as there’s a lot of it smothering the wedges, but it wasn’t. The pulled pork and melted cheese was just gorgeous and exactly what I needed after work last week. Well worth £2.

I would definitely buy all of the above again and obviously I’ll have to buy the others so I can try everything!

I enjoyed reviewing these, can you tell?! The only thing I would complain about is the fact that I don’t have any left!

Have you tried The Shack American inspired range yet? Which is your favourite?

Mother Hermit xx

I was sent these products for the purposes of this review. All views and opinions are that of my own.


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