Snack Smart with Go Ahead! Snacks- A Review

As a part time worker I’m pretty busy. Add being a Mam to two children under 3, the ‘keeper’ of a (rather handsome) bloke and two crazy dogs, I’m on the go constantly, I literally never stop!

Breakfast is something I always make sure my kids have at the start of every single day. The bloke not so much, he’s old enough to know when he wants to eat! (All of the time). When it comes to myself, it’s something I just never seem to have time for. Even though I’m already making breakfast for the little ones, when they’re sat down eating I tend to make the most of that time attempting to slurp a hot coffee or sticking some washing in before they’re finished and chaos beings for the day. So when the guys at Go Ahead! asked if I’d like to try out some of their new products I thought I’d take advantage and try to use them to get me kick started into breakfasts!


I received a huge selection of Go Ahead! products and couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Unfortunately for me, the kids were around when I was opening the box and having a rummage through. You can guess where this is going. Violet spotted the cookies! So she was the very first taste tester of the White Chocolate & Raspberry Cookie Bites. These one’s are new to the range and even though they’re cookies, like the rest of the Go Ahead products they’re individually packaged and these ones are only 99 kcal! I managed to have a bag myself when the kids had gone to bed and they’re amazing! You can also get them in Chocolate & Orange flavour but the White Chocolate & Raspberry are definitely my favourite- and Violet’s too!


Next up we tried the Yoghurt Breaks. These are my absolute favourite in the Go Ahead! range. You can’t get much better than a crunchy fruit filled biscuit topped with smooth yoghurt and there’s now five different flavours to choose from; Forest Fruit, Raspberry, Red Cherry, Tropical and Strawberry. I love all of them and the only flavour I haven’t tried yet is the Red Cherry so I need to find them on my next shop! What makes them even better is every single flavour, each slice is only 73kcal.


Next up, the Crispy Slices. These are my son’s favourite- probably because you get 3 in each individual packet so he can eat more! These ones come in seven, that’s right SEVEN different flavours- how do you choose?! I was sent the apple and orange which are both gorgeous and extremely moreish so it’s a good job there are 3 in each pack. Each slice is 57kcals too. So I’ve still got the Forest Fruit, Raspberry, Red Cherry, Blueberry and Strawberry ones to try out.


Last but not least, the Fruity Bakes. Golden baked soft bars jam packed with delicious fruit; either apple or strawberry. I received the strawberry ones and I love them- the only problem is they’re 133kcals per bar and so moreish I’m not sure I could have just one!


I’m now a huge fan of this Go Ahead! range. Not only have they been helping me eat breakfast (on occasion), they’ve also meant I’ve had something to grab to eat on the way to work or whilst out and about which is usually when I’d look for an unhealthy bag of crisps or a pastie! I’m in the North East, we love Greggs! I’ve also used them to throw in the changing bag when I take the kids out somewhere as they both love all of them, they’re great to give the kids on the go, especially as they’re healthy.

Give them a go, I think you’ll like them!

Mother Hermit xx

I was very kindly sent these Go Ahead! products for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are that of my own.


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