The Cake Tasting Club Review

I know, I know- cake again! How can you say no to cake though? Honestly? Of course I jumped at the chance when the lovely ladies at The Cake Tasting Club offered to send me a box to review and as it was October, this box was a little spookier than usual!


The box I received was beautifully packaged and even contained some little paper bats and a balloon for the Halloween theme. Each baked good is individually packaged and has a list of ingredients on the reverse. It even came with a Spiced Apple tea bag which is absolutely perfect for an Autumn cuppa.


Now as I’m a parent, it was quite a fight between me and Violet as to who got to taste what first. As you can imagine I didn’t get much say so didn’t get to taste the Spooky Gingerbread Ghost although I did get to sample the Oreo graveyard soil- good job I like Oreos! I hid the Cherry brain cake which I’m sooo glad I did because it was heavenly- the perfect piece of cake and really reminded me of something my Nana used to make when I was young. It was lovely and moist and the cherry icing really was the icing on the cake! I could have ate so much more of it. I also managed to get half of the Chocolate Orange Brownie and had to share the rest with both of my kids as Billy had his eye on it too. You can never go wrong with a brownie and this one was definitely no exception. A gorgeous gooey brownie infused with orange flavouring and chocolate orange segments- the perfect autumn treat!



What is The Cake Tasting Club? Or who should I say. Well, it’s a monthly subscription box filled with home baked cakes and it’s owned and ran by two lovely ladies, Vikki and Dom who both love to bake and came up with the idea so they can share their baking yumminess with us! How lucky are we?! They basically thought of the idea as not everyone has the time or skill to bake themselves and sometimes it’s nice to be able to have a slice without the rest of the cake staring you in the face- it’s true, I have no willpower!

“We bake all of the cakes by hand in the Cake Tasting HQ kitchen which has a five star cleanliness rating. Our cakes are always traditionally handmade as if you had baked them at home. We always use proper ingredients just like you would use and our eggs are always free range.”

How fabulous that these baked goodies aren’t created in a factory, using standard ingredients, they’re made in their own HQ kitchen. Clearly with lot’s of love going into each and every box! There are different options for you to choose from; The Classic which is the one I received with three different bakes to try each month; The Cake for one which is one slice of cake for you to try each month and The Brownie Box which is three different flavours of brownie each month. As it’s coming up to Christmas there’s also options to purchase a one off box or subscriptions as gifts for your loved ones; one month, three months, six months or twelve months.

Vikki and Dom even have a pledge for The Cake Tasting Club;

        “Our bakes will always be;

  • Lovingly handmade
  • Made from proper ingredients
  • Freshly prepared
  • Delicious
  • Never boring!
  • Never the same- we will not repeat a bake for at least 12 months”

What are you waiting for? Check them out here and stop resisting the cake! 🙂

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