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Lapland Mailroom Letter From Santa Review

Christmas is coming! I still can’t believe how quickly and as I’ve mentioned previously, this year is fast becoming even more magical for us as our daughter is nearly 3. She now knows who Santa Claus is and gets the general idea, so the excitement is fast building. So when the guys at Lapland Mailroom offered to send Violet a letter from Santa, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse!

Each letter from Lapland Mailroom is completely personalised and there are four different basic templates to choose from, including Baby’s First Christmas. The options for personalisation are fantastic, you can even add your child’s siblings name or their friends names so they will be included. This makes it that little bit more special I think as they will recognise things within the letter. I even got to add a ‘P.S’ at the end of Violet’s letter to remind her to put all of her dummies under the Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve. We’re trying our best to get rid of them altogether and this seems like the perfect opportunity to do so! You can also choose if you’d like to have extras such as an activity pack or ‘Nice Child List’ certificate. Each step of the personalisation process is very easy to follow and you will quickly have your letter ready to preview.


When you receive the letter it will be addressed to your child, which is another nice touch and makes it really special. Violet was so excited when she realised that the letter was for her. We also received the activity pack which includes;

  • Elf Yourself! Activity sheet

  • Christmas Eve door hanger

  • Cut out and keep

    Christmas decoration

  • Colouring in Christmas card

  • Colouring in ‘Santa Stop Here!’ poster


I absolutely love Violet’s letter and was so surprised at how fantastic the quality is. This is something I’ll happily keep within her memory box along with the ‘Nice Child List’ certificate which is also great. The activity pack has already kept her entertained for hours as she’s enjoyed colouring everything in. The only one she has left to do is the ‘Santa Stop Here’ sign for the window which I have put inside her Christmas Eve box.

Prices start from only £7.95 and they currently have an offer on which means that you will receive a ‘Nice Child List’ certificate FREE with every order of a personalised letter.

If you’re in the UK you have until the 20th December to order. You can find international shipping dates and all other information on their website.

Merry Christmas!

Mother Hermit xx



I was very kindly sent these products from Lapland Mailroom in exchange for this review. All views and opinions are that of my own.

Christmas Gift Guide for the New Years Resolutions

New Year. 2017 is nearly here! We probably all know at least one person who set themselves New Years Resolutions- probably the same ones every single year too. Whether it’s to lose weight, join a gym, be more organised, quit smoking; it always happens and a lot of people probably don’t even last until the end of January. I can say this because I’m totally one of them.

So what better way to help someone on their resolution journey than gifting them something which will help them get one step closer to achieving their goal?

Fitbit Flex

This is the perfect gift for those who want to try and lose weight, start a healthier lifestyle or just be a little bit more active each day. I’ve had my eye on these for a long time and have just received one as a gift from my other half for our anniversary- never mind him, I’m totally in love with this!

It’s probably the most basic and cheapest of the Fitbit range but it’s perfect for what I want. It tracks and counts your daily steps, your calories burned and even tracks your sleep, all to an app. You can set it to track your sleep before bed each night and when you wake up in the morning it will show you how well you slept; how many times you were restless, how many times you woke up and how long you were actually asleep. Pretty cool huh?

You can also input your daily exercise, water intake and set your own daily goals- totally personalise it for you.

You can find them in Argos and they’re currently £59.99.*

ECigs and Shisha Pens

Giving up smoking. This is probably still the most popular resolution of all and with all of this change happening with horrible packaging and higher prices, I think this is a certain for a lot of people this year!

Vapelux of London

So the alternative is an Ecig or Shisha Pen. I know a lot of people who have successfully given up cigarettes by using these but I never realised the options available in the Shisha Pen Liquid! From cookies, doughnuts, all sorts of fruit flavours to menthol and tobacco flavoured- the selection is unreal. You can also get each liquid in different strengths of nicotine which I’m guessing depends on how addicted the user is, how much they smoked per day and how long they’ve kicked the habit; starting on the highest strength first and working your way down to nicotine free.

Sounds like the perfect gift for those wanting to kick the habit for good!

Organiser for 2017

I’m obsessed with Busy B stationery and have a planner for everything as I’m a serial list-writer! Even to the point where I’ll write something I’ve already done on a list, just so I can mark it off as done! Sad, I know.

This beauty is Busy B’s Family Diary for 2017 which I have in already and I have to say it’s amazing! If you can’t get yourself and your family organised using this then I don’t know what can help you. It has room for every family member so you can keep track of who’s doing what and when every single day of the year- absolutely perfect for us being a family of two adults, two young children and two dogs.

Busy B don’t just have family diaries though, they have planners to suit absolutely everyone, travel planners, one-page-a-day diaries, calendars; anything you can think of they have it. And who doesn’t love stationery right? Have a look for yourself here.

Alcohol Free

This isn’t one I would probably consider because I’ve got two kids under 3 and hardly get a chance to have any alcohol, but there’s no chance I’d give up the few chances I do get. Nope. Not an option.

However, if you know someone trying to cut back a bit or even kick it all together, what about a recipe book on Mocktails? Maybe you know someone who’s pregnant and craving the taste of their favourite cocktail? This looks like the perfect gift…

When I was pregnant with my second, for the first few weeks after me finding out I was craving the taste of Becks. No idea why because it’s not something I ever drink! Maybe they’d prefer this alcohol free Becks…

Yeah, me either, I’m just here trying to provide some ideas!

Are you a serial New Years Resolutioner? What’s yours for this year?

Mother Hermit xx


This is a collaborative post with Vapelux


*Prices correct at time of writing this post on 5th December 2016.




Christmas Gift Guide- For Him & For Her

Christmas is coming. Like really quickly! I can’t believe how fast this year has gone! I started my Christmas shopping early this year for the kids but I’m still shopping for everyone else.

So here’s my gift guide, a selection of goodies that I’ve come across recently. It might just provide you with some inspiration!

Espensen Spirit

Espensen Spirit are a recently launched- Bristol based booze company. You’re interested, right? Well, they produce a range of vodkas, gins and whiskies with a twist. They’re available in 50cl, 20cl and 5cl bottles which in my opinion, makes them a perfect Christmas gift- for the over 18’s obviously. Prices start from £4 and you can get a 5cl miniature collection, which has a bottle of each flavour, for just £16.I’ll be sharing my miniature collection with the family on Christmas Day 🙂

The flavours available are;

  • Gin Genie – Blueberry Gin– “perfect for the dachshund/dog lover, Bowie fan or the gin enthusiast” 
  • Ruby Cuby – Rhubarb & Custard Vodka– “for those wanting a special celebratory festive drink, you can use it to create a Ruby Cubellini by adding it to Prosecco or Champagne!” 
  • PG Sips – Pink Grapefruit & Raspberry Vodka “ideal for your cat loving friend or relative – or anyone who fancies a deliciously fruity vodka tipple” 
  • Pump Up the Jam – Raspberry Gin – “this drink goes down equally well with gin lovers or those who just fall in love with the label – it features an 80’s B-boy and a homage to the artist Keith Haring. For anyone who wants to score cool points with their younger relatives, this is the one.”

Espensen1 Espensen2

And here’s why Espensen think that they’re the ideal Christmas gift;

  • “First of all – they taste blooming delicious – made using fresh fruit and a seriously good base alcohol from Langley Distillery, and they contain absolutely no artificial colours or flavours
  • From a really special 50cl bottle of Ruby Cuby as a main present, to our 5cl miniature collection as a stocking filler or Secret Santa, or even a single sample – we have something for every budget
  • The branding is ‘silly but stylish’ and we describe it as post-punk pop art – there are SO many references to film, music and animals, that there is bound to be a drink that appeals to everyone – from David Bowie fans to cat lovers to art appreciators – we have a drink with their name on it
  • Espensen Spirit is all hand made in Bristol by Sam Espensen – she puts so much care in to them and has spent years developing and perfecting the recipes
  • Donations from every 50cl and 20cl bottles are made to various small charities based in the South West, including the homeless Caring in Bristol, Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary, the Racehorse Rehoming Centre and a local cancer charity
  • Our beautiful Italian glass bottles are unbranded – so if you purchase a 50cl or a 20cl bottle for a special person in your life, they can re-use it as a vase,  or for oils or vinegars.” 

You can find out more about Espensen Spirit and their amazing alcohol creations here. Don’t forget to get yourself a little bottle of each. You have to taste them before you gift them, right?!

Amazon Echo

I love a gadget and this Amazon Echo looks amazing. You may have seen it advertised on TV– she’s called Alexa. Well it’s connected to Alexa voice service which can provide you with information, play music, sports scores, news, weather and more. If you have Prime you can also ask her to order products for you using Prime. Clever huh?!

It’s £149.99, available in black or white and you can find it here; Amazon Echo, Black

Bristol Papillion

Handcrafted jewellery by Rebecca Miller. Absolutely beautiful handcrafted jewellery might I add. Each piece is individually made by Rebecca using reclaimed silver, copper, semi precious stones and vintage finds- which means that no two pieces are the same- ideal Christmas gift indeed.

“Your jewellery should be a reflection of who you are – beautiful, inspiring and unique.”

BristolPapillion BristolPapillion2 BristolPapillion3

Rebecca very kindly sent me a piece so I could see how beautiful they are for myself. Now I’m not a massive fan of jewellery, the only thing I really wear is my charm bracelet, yet I’ve fallen in love with this piece. I was going to gift it to one of the ladies in my family for Christmas, but I love it so much I’m considering keeping it for myself!

You can find Rebecca’s gorgeous creations on her website here. You can use the code TENOFF for 10% off too!


Boxcitement is a monthly subscription box full of surprise stationery and other goodies- a rather exciting box, hence the name! You can purchase them in monthly subscriptions or one off gifts and the longer you subscribe, the more you save.

Boxcitement Boxcitement2

Where do the contents come from? In their own words;

“Ah well, that’s what makes our boxes so special. Our Boxscientists are constantly coming up with new ideas and designs and working with a select team of suppliers, makers and printers who create our inventions just for Boxcitement. Numbers are limited and they can only be purchased through us – how exclusive is that!”

These boxes really are gorgeous and make the perfect gift for the ladies. You can find out more here.


MotherlyLove was founded by Jan, a loving mother, grandmother and midwife of 40 years. She’s also a registered aromatherapist and has created some beautiful oils for mothers and mothers-to-be.


I’ve been testing the Footloose massaging oil as now I’ve gone back to work, being on my feet all of the time means they ache constantly! It smells lovely and leaves my feet feeling super soft.

Prices start from £7.50 and they have some lovely gift sets available which would be perfect for any Mother or Mother-to-be. You can find the full range here.


If you’re doing a Secret Santa this year, this might just be the perfect gift! Okay so, Text-A-Potato, you’re thinking WTF?! So in their own words;




TextAPotato textapotato2

You can literally send a potato to anyone, no matter what the occasion. I was sent the Christmas edition as an example and it’s freaking hilarious. Prices for the Santa potatoes start at £7.99 and there’s limited stock so order yours quick from here.

EasiYo Yoghurt Maker

These EasiYo Yoghurt makers are amazing. We have the large red one in our house and it’s so handy for us having two kids who absolutely love yoghurt. However, for those who don’t have kids or just don’t have the need for 1kg of yoghurt each time, you can also get a mini maker which makes 500g.

EasiYo Maker
EasiYo Manual Yoghurt Maker (Homemade Yogurt in 8 Hours) Makes 1Kg

They’re super easy to use and the EasiYo flavour range is huge! I reviewed the large red EasiYo maker a few weeks ago which you can read here.

You can also check out the full EasiYo range here.

Fitbit Flex

This is the perfect gift for those loved ones you just know are going to start banging on about the ‘diet starting in the new year’, like they do every year. I can say that because I’m totally guilty of this myself and I really want one of these to get kickstarted in January! The Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker basically records your daily activity and sleep. It records your steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned and allows you to track your goals using online tools and mobile apps.


Ocushield is a screen protector which blocks harmful blue light which is emitted from the digital devices we use everyday. This is a rather sensible gift for anyone. Whilst also protecting your screen, by blocking these harmful blue light rays, this can result in protecting your vision and eyes and helping you get a better night’s sleep if you use your devices in bed before sleep.

OcuShield OcuShieldFact

Apparently the Welsh Rugby Team use these on their iphones; this might just be a great gift for my other half then sayings as he’s welsh, rugby obsessed and always glued to his phone!

To find out more on OcuShield, visit their website here.

I hope this has given you a few ideas!

Mother Hermit xx

*I was sent some of these items to review for this post. This post also contains affiliate links. All views and opinions are 100% that of my own*