No I don’t mean twist as in the form of dance. I mean twist in the almighty annoying variety of toddler form. I’m not sure how I’ve survived this afternoon. Since V opened her eyes from her nap it’s been nothing but brutal destruction and screeching. You know those ones that just keep going and going and going and by the end of it you can’t stand to hear it anymore?! Like you actually despise your own childs voice? The slightest whimper makes you cringe? Yeah. That’s been my afternoon. “Maaaaaaaaaaaammy! I want dis! Dop doing dat!!!! I want a doddddyyyyyy! Mammmmm! Sdop ittttt!” Like how do they honestly come up with half of the tantrums they have? She told me off this afternoon for not making a sand castle properly out of lego- are there parents who can actually do that?! Magicians perhaps? Am I missing something?? 

Parenting. Best job in the world eh?! ❤️ 😂 

Mother Hermit xx

Life with Baby Kicks
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11 Comments on Afternoon Twist

  1. I love this. So brutally honest! I totally have days like that. In fact I bogged the bigger one off to bed last night quite promptly as she was driving me mad! #effitfridays

  2. I had a day like that yesterday (Thursday) and could have cheerfully throttled Little B by the end of it. I just wanted someone – anyone – to come and take him away! #effitfriday

  3. I’m reading a lot of “terrible toddler” posts recently. I am started to get scared of what is to come when my baby starts to get to that age. Can’t be that bad can it?

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